Friday, February 5, 2010

architectural models

Architectural models are an important tool for the design process, it is a form of prototyping. This is especially true for sketch models, such as the ones shown here - they are made from simple materials, to scale and very quickly done.
Usually made using initial schematic drawings, as seen here - the house plans are glued onto the model board to create a base from which the plans are given a third dimension.
Sketch models should be easy to modify - because they are made at a stage when the design is still fluid.
This tiny model of a showroom in Kuching was made using manila card, cartridge paper and transparency film.

After several modifications, these models are not looking so pristine - but they serve their function well. Due to their three dimensional nature, they encourage discussion in the studio more readily than design drawings. People are always picking them up and looking at them; offering suggestions or asking questions which the designer has to provide in defence of the scheme.
This is a model for a garden structure, made using recycled mounting board and dress making pins - it is rudimentary yet not crude. It serves an important purpose when explaining the steel framing to the contractor
And the model makers do not have to be sophisticated either - anyone with a steady pair of hands will do well.


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  2. Architectural models are physical representation of your ideas these model are made by model maker. Model maker is an experienced person they know about perfect scaling, colours and other materials.