Saturday, May 20, 2017

Work sketches from last week 14-21 May

 Architectural Journal entry No. 1 this year - as a record of things that happened at work this week. The first was a 3 hour exercise to see how we can fit 150 people in a new open plan - the client rang up at 1030 'are you in the office, I'll swing by at 11 to talk to you about a new project'. He dropped by, we chatted about raised access flooring, toilet provisions, time frame and when he wanted the first round of layout plans. 'This afternoon, 230 would be perfect'

For many of our houses, we designed the landscape as well - trying to fit the poetic with the utilitarian; laundry can dry out of sight behind a garden wall, the edge of a pool doubles as a bench and base for water spout. I find these sketches very useful as conversation starters with the client.

The end of the living space is enlarged with the introduction of a window seat; to collect people for conversation, without outside views to interrupt the chit chat.

View of the conversation area from the atrium

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