Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bathing under the stairs

Following on from the previous post...
We decide to relocate the stairs to the rear of the building to allow for an open floor plan on the upper floor But this meant the introduction of stairs in the rear 'lobby' and since this is a tight space, it looked like the existing bathroom will have to go, which ruined my visions of running to work. Without a bathroom, this can be tricky - will the budget hotel nearby lend me their shower? how many wet-wipes will it take to clean a 180-lb body? questions abound..
So, on the plane to Penang - I decided to put my planning skills (and maths) to the test..

So finally we worked out 1. how to get upstairs 2. while keeping our balance, 3. and the bathroom under the stairs, 4. without knocking our heads when we come in the back door, 5. hopefully with enough space for my bike under the stairs. works!

more soon.

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