Monday, August 11, 2014

Sketching on-site

Our Urban Sketchers Kuching group is growing in number and I am pleased to see new comers each time we meet. I thought that a few sketching tips might come in handy for their next excursion...

Step 1
Make some marks to determine the limits of your view.

Step 2
Link up the marks with lines to create a perspective; giving your sketch depth of view. Don't worry about details yet. Its about getting the general feel of the place. I take my glasses off and use free flowing strokes to frame the body of the sketch.

Step 3
I add details, shade and tone now (with glasses on).
I decide where the focus is and leave the rest of the sketch loose and vague.
Colours are often added at home and these are used sparingly to suggest rather than to inform.
Some other useful hints
1. On site sketching is about being spontaneous, so be brave and commit line to page, don't erase.
2. Show your viewer the whole street and not just one building, mundane objects like street signs can often enhance your sketch and give it a local flavour.
3. Drawing in people will give your sketch scale and a sense of place.

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