Thursday, April 17, 2014


After paying the price of a small car, Sam, Sara and I joined the Architect's Institute study trip to Morocco and Spain. Casablanca was our first stop, we arrived at mid afternoon and were met by our local guide. Abdul Rahim - a cheerful and knowledgeable man in his forties who was thoughtful enough to present each of us with a baguette sandwich (with tahini dressing) for our bus trip into Casablanca.

Morocco is greener than I thought - but I should have remembered my geography lessons better, it is a Mediterranean  country after all. We spent only one day day in Casablanca which for me was memorable for the Hassan II Mosque by the sea and the very friendly hotel manager who drew a map for my ten K run - " follow the tram tracks and you shouldn't get lost and run west - it is safer that side"
At 5 a.m. the next morning, Louis and I went for our ten K - it was cold but fast, dark but safe - we got many 'salaams' from the devout coming out of mosques along the way.

The Hassan II Mosque by the sea

Map of our run - along the tram lines so we do not get lost

Early morning

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