Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My plans for the weekend

Another guerrilla carpentry project carried out with a few students and cohort, running coach and English teacher, Lim Eng Hooi. The client is a friend from our running group, he has seen some of our self build projects and started asking me about sourcing materials, construction methods, etc.
So, I offered to design and build one for him with the help of Joel (high school graduate) and Sean (Architecture student). I sketched out some ideas based on simple joints and off the shelf materials to achieve a departure from 'closed' boxes for the shelves, opting instead for one that snakes its way from top to bottom.

Sean and Joel what's app this image to the client - explaining to him that the heights of the shelves varied according to the user's height; the lower shelves are for their 3-year old Nicole to store her Jenga and Lego, and her hard cover story books. The middle shelves are for novels while the upper most are some important files to be kept out of reach by little fingers.

Approval was given, so we started sourcing for material - the shelves are 25 x 200 mm dressed medium light hardwood while the vertical supports (which double as book-ends) are cut from a single piece of 12mm plywood.

Jointing methods have to be simple when the carpenters are amateurs and the car porch is your workshop. We started at 10:30 a.m. one Saturday and finished at 3:30 p.m. which is not bad if you consider time out for lunch and to teach a lesson or two about counter-sinking screw heads and taking a plumb-line.

Eng Hooi (representing Malaysia) was instrumental after lunch when our energy waned. The other man in the photo is Kueh, our client

The finished product

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