Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My 'rides'

People around me have been buying cars; two of my business partners, two of my running friends - every time someone I know buys a new car, I buy myself a new pair of running shoes. Last month, my brother-in-law bought himself an Audi, I thought about going out to get a pair of Adidas...but I didn't, their running shoes are rubbish.

Mine are cheaper alternatives to cars and better for the environment, and they give me so much freedom and joy. Freedom when I run alone in the morning before the workday starts, sometimes across the river on 'Robyn's River Run' and taking the 'sampan-tambang' back to town for breakfast with Sam. One hour by myself with my favourite music.
Joy when I run with my friends or use it as an excuse to travel and run, as I did on two weekends this month - with Sara at the KL half marathon and Sean at the King of the Road (ten miles).

Larry joined Sara and I in KL
Sean appears not as willing as Sara but deep inside he enjoys doing stuff with his dad.
This photo is priceless for the guy's expression.