Sunday, May 12, 2013

Views from a Hungarian Bus

 My years in Melbourne has made me very fond of trams
Turm der Weißfrauenkirche - White Tower of the Church of Our Lady

At noon on Thursday the 4th of April, a bus full of Sarawakians driven by Georges; from Budapest with tour guide, Ivano from Roma - were dropped off at Willy Brandt Platz presumably to take photos of the big Euro sign and the 40 storey Euro Tower. I obliged although it was all a bit bland. Others disappeared into a nearby pub – it WAS lunch time after all and dinner time in Malaysia. 
The plaza was cold and windy so Sam and I left it to wandering up one of the side streets; looking for something with a bit of character or out of character, as all the buildings appeared so strait-laced and homogenous. We spied the curved canopy of a hall with a white tower beside it and I sketched it while waiting for our friends to finish their meal and beers. I regretted not joining them for beers but am glad to get my first sketch of Germany. 

Later I found out that this is the Church of Our Lady and the White Tower is the site for an art installation that will transform it into a multi-coloured lantern built with larch lattices. 

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