Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bicycles in Frankfurt

We arrived in Frankfurt on the 4th April after a stopover in Dubai – it was late morning and 4 degrees. The bare branches of the trees flanking the highway reminded me of “The Blair Witch Project” – until I saw signs of life, cyclists on a bike track that ran parallel several metres from the edge of the road; padded, gloved and backpacked. Bit late to be going to work, I thought. Then I saw a woman with a child in her bike carrier; the young girl was holding something colourful in her hands, listening intently as the woman spoke to her over her shoulder. Perhaps on the way home from playschool or should I say ‘kindergarten’ since we are in Germany - it is be wonderful to run along these bike trails I thought.

A few days later, I found myself running on one of these trails in the early morning. It was 4 degrees. It was good as an experience but not good for the hairs on my legs as they dropped off over the next few days.

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