Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PAMSC Design Forum 2012

"The Way Forward" is the topic for the PAM Design Forum this year; it is different from the topic last year and yet more of the same. The choice of speakers is perhaps hobbled by the self-imposed theme of ‘sustainable design’, which has been the overarching theme for several years now.

Only two speakers out of the six said anything of interest to me; Cheah Kok Ming from NUS and Thai architect, Chutayaves Sinithupan. The Forum would have benefited from a greater diversity of speakers with a broader range of work – instead of practitioners who have a ‘sustainable’ label. Other than the monotony – there is a danger of over stressing ‘sustainability’ as a separate subject instead of an integral principle of good design. 

I made hay while the sun shone and had time during the talks to think about my garden pavilion, and to sketch some of student work from Kok Ming’s talk.

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