Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bali Half Marathon 2:28:50

The view from Three Monkeys Cafe in Ubud
Back to Bali again after an eight-year gap, this time we have another purpose for our trip, that is to run in the Bali Half Marathon. We have Robyn with us, who introduced us to Gede who introduced us to various other non-touristy versions of 'babi guling'. Not once did we go to Ibu Oka's.

The breakfast terrace at the Suly Resort and Spa

Sam found a training hotel in Ubud; the Suly Resort and Spa provides a three-year hospitality course for under-privileged children and the hotel is their only means of income. They do not raise funds through donations, etc to minimise pilferage and such. The 5 of us enjoyed our large rooms, friendly service and breakfast by the padi fields.

The Wee Family

The highlight of the trip was the run obviously, though there were several other high points - meeting Ibu Cat who wrote 'Bali Daze'; having a long lunch in a tiny gallery-warung (Warung Made Bercik) near the Bali Botanical Gardens; eating Bakso at the night market where Sam bought dinners for street children who asked for money.

Thank you Happy Feet for the wonderful photos.

The run route took us through padi fields and villages where the local school children cheered us on and entertained us with Gamelan music and dancing. In one village, I ran through an 'avenue' of singing and clapping children who reached out to offer a high-five as I struggled past. It is very touching and moves me to tears even thinking about it now.  It is little wonder then that I was able to complete the run in my best time yet - 2:28:50. Finally getting under the two and half hour mark.

I ll be back next year; we have already booked Gede's services....

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