Friday, December 23, 2011

Little Black Book

I keep a small sketch book (4x6 inches) for quick sketches during stolen moments of the day; usually during traveling to and from meetings out of town. I tried to keep it updated like a visual journal but it is not always successful; recently I took stock of the entries and posted them here.
The Lasalle College of the Arts - near the Bugis MRT

I have always liked this building; how it addresses the corner with its curve form; did a quick 5 minute sketch when waiting for my lunch to be cooked in a cafe across the street.

Another quick one done in ball point pen near the Floating Stadium at the Marina; after viewing the Dali exhibition at the new Arts and Science Museum.
The 'wings' hovering over the Marina Sands
Inside - we watched the Lion King and ate pizza at the Mozza - culinary and cultural (?) highlights
A familiar place during our stay at Micheal's apartment; sketched from the McDonald's across the street.

Events of the day - some days are just packed with activity and ideas.

Last run at the gym before heading off to Penang for the Run (Nov 2011)

My life at the confluence of books and food at DNA's office.

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