Tuesday, October 25, 2011


These are some sketches from my visual diary recording Sunday's main activities. The day started at 4:30 with a run out to Eng Hooi's house to meet up for the long run towards town centre. As usual, we got our messages mixed up and he and I did not meet up but ran our own long runs.
It was day light when I reached the Rock Road showroom 
I stopped for the light to change at Saberkas - the big round building on the left and did this quick sketch.

Our Sunday run usually ends at the Hakka coffee shop at the corner of Carpenter and Bishopsgate street for noodles and local coffee.

That afternoon, Sam, Sara, Eng Hooi and I went to Arlene and Mag's new house to help them paint Eggshell, Brilliant White and Moondust on their walls.

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