Monday, March 14, 2011

Dykes on Bikes

This would have been a great name for Dianne's home-brew - but the actual name is "three girls on bikes beer". She made packs of three; pilsner, lager and one other; as Christmas presents one summer long ago - the label showed three girls free-wheeling down a hill. She brewed the beer using a DIY home pack with an electric blanket around the tank to keep the mixture warm in winter. Dianne and I spent a year finishing our final year projects, in a portacabin outside the Archi studio. .During that time, she taught me to see things from different points of views and showed me her parents' farm in Wagga Wagga Wangaratta (sorry Di). Through her, I met a vast and different circle of people, who became firm friends through the final years in University. My only regret about our friendship was not knowing her earlier.
Eeng Hooi's bike

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