Saturday, July 11, 2009

travel sketches - bali

the barong, a mythical creature found in traditional dances based on Ramayana

early Sunday morning, sara and I stole outside to have a look at Ubud before the tourists woke up for their continental breakfasts.

balinese doorway

at the T-house, the sleeping quarters are open, with only the mosquito netting to keep insects away. it was very cooling as the breezes blow right through, ocassionally the lowing of a cow can be heard amidst the chirping of crickets.

this is the view from our T-house terrace; acres of 'sawah' or padi fields. the locals take a short cut ocassionally and wandered pass, with a smile and a 'selamat pagi'

our pool - the kids swam while we swung genty in silk hammocks.

the T house plan - the people who owned the place were very thoughtful - leaving books and music for our enjoyment. there were even paints and a sketch pad for the children.


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    1. Hi Iman,
      Short answer - practice.
      Long answer - give yourself time to develop your skills. Start by buying a cheap sketch book and some pens - sit down in front of a favourite scene and draw what you see. Don't correct the ones you don't like, turn the page and start again. Don't tear pages out of the sketch book so that you can look back after a few months and see how you have improved.