Tuesday, July 21, 2009

little black book

It was hot at Tiananmen; the members of our tour group are all wilted from the Beijing sun. This study tour was organised by the Malaysian Institute of Architects (Sarawak Chapter) - so most of the people here are architects, not many sketch though - digital photography seems to have put a stop to that!

the forbidden city, beijing

temple of heaven. I steal away to the side and sketch quickly, the others wander around and snap photos. 15 minutes later they all gather on the opposite end of the courtyard and the tour guide signals for me to follow. i finish one sketch and Sam takes a dozen photographs.

These are a series of quick sketches, each taking about 15 minutes and small in size 5x4-8 inches. I used a black ball point - i enjoy the freedom to start on a new page quickly - to move the pen in any direction. To capture the moment; sometimes creating an outline first to come back to later add final touches.
I take this little sketch book with me most of the time, it has travelled with me from Beijing to KL.

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