Monday, February 19, 2018

Weak Ties

Qilin, Sia, Michelle.
The strength of your weak ties - I heard this phrase online today.

It refers to a study which showed that people got their first jobs not through their 'strong' links such as their parents, spouse, friends, but via 'weaker' links. It suggests that there is greater potential for growth, by exploring the not-so-comfortable paths, rather than the habitual and predictable networks.

Coincidentally, we were talking about this phenomenon over breakfast with Michelle Vaz and Xie Qilin. They were (re) visiting Kuching from ChongQing - they talked about conducting workshops which put Bartlett students with local graduates. Using the unfamiliarity, language and cultural barriers to create stimulus and hopefully, fertile ground for ideas to cross-pollinate and friendships to form.

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