Thursday, February 11, 2016

Sketch crawl - definition

I tried to find the definition of a sketch-crawl on the internet but could not find anything definitive.

I think it is related to the 'pub-crawl' where people visit as many pubs or bars as possible within a designated time, stopping to have several drinks at each place. A sketch crawl works much the same way, with sketches 'collected' along the way. So, whenever I can, I map out a route through my neighbourhood or someone else's (when I am traveling) and have my own sketch-crawl; recording vignettes of life there.

Each sketch usually takes 10-15 minutes, to capture the main forms and some details to be finished afterwards.
* though this year I resolved to finish my sketches 'on-site'.



  1. Beautiful sketch!the first two row are my favorite

  2. Thanks for visiting - please drop by soon.