Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Quick lines on paper

At our recently completed food court, the client wanted ideas about way finding signage. There are days when I have all the ideas in my head but not the time to put them down on paper. So, I employ a little trick - I have is to jot them all down in a small sketch book when I am on the plane. Small sheets A5 and a time limit 2 hours between Kuching and Penang did the trick.

Small and thin, I am likely to finish all the pages in a week - most satisfying.

Later, I showed this sketch to Fiona who did her magic
showing the location of this proposed banner

more banners
ideas for the food court renovation

The Food Gallery was originally designed as the generic type of food court found in a shopping centre; one with something for everyone. In recent years, the clientele had changed; moving away from family groups towards young professionals wanting a conducive environment for a working lunch. The client decided to re-vamp the image of their food court - aimed for a more contemporary feel and experience.

Everyday coffee shop items are used in un-usual ways - plastic stools become the ceiling and screens for the dining rooms and enamel crockery from the 70's are used as part of signage and decor.
We wanted to invoke the experience of eating street food; at the market, along the five foot way in the old part of town. Using the more intangible elements - the silhouette of the concertina grilles that allude to the Chinatown shop fronts while the incandescent light tubes are reminiscent of the market at night. 
The new furniture are re-designed with simpler and cleaner lines that might remind patrons of their school days; sitting on benches, sharing stories and food. Perhaps this is more than a re-vamping or face-lift because it goes beyond the skin - it is more like a coming of age.

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