Monday, August 17, 2015

Work Sketches - One doing the work of two

I like to tell my folks that it is important for architectural elements to serve more than one function - that way they earn their keep and become a more integral part of the overall design.

Take this grille for instance - the original tender drawing called for a security grille for the utility space at the rear of the house. The laundry and maid's room are there, as were the air cond compressors - so we folded the steel rods into a shelf for the compressor. The horizontal bar which is used to tie all the verticals together, in turn become a rail for drying laundry.

At the lower portion of the grille, another fold becomes a shelf for detergents and clothes pegs.

 These photos are added in January, 2017 after the grille was completed (but not quite tested yet)

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