Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lines in Steel

I am an architect, I draw lines. Sometimes, they get built.

The initial pencil drawing of the scheme

The completed building sits on a high verge with views of Singapore across the Causeway

Whenever possible, we delineated the various elements of the building with a shadow recess, a drop or a gap
The over-sailing roof modulates and unifies all the spaces and gives the building its final form.

The 2-storey amenities block is linked to the offices by a series of bridges over a ‘street’.

The roof turns down to become a rain screen for the street, the amenities are in the concrete structure.

The original idea used the gentle slope of the roof as a ramp to a look out station
The western facade is shielded with sun louvres to minimize heat entering the work space
An exploded axonometric showing the different components that make up this building, rainwater is collected for use in the toilets

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