Saturday, September 20, 2014

Faces at the Mercato (2012)

After looking at the photos, I was inspired to draw a map recording our journey to the market

One bright morning in September while Sam and the kids shopped for lunch in the Mercato, the mammal in me needed to catch some sunshine and the voyeur in me wanted to watch the local people in action. (and catch them with my camera.)

Selling endives

Italians are very expressive with their hands
Their expressions are so similar, these two are definitely married.
My favourite is this man, a barista with a counter full of little brioches filled with cured meats at 1 Euro each.

Most of his customers eat a quick breakfast while standing at the counter, but being Asian - we prefer to sit down to eat. So we joined 2 tables and ate many different types of sandwiches and drank many cups of coffee.


  1. Nothing's changed and he DID remember you!!!

  2. Ha! trust you to follow up on a 'challenge'
    Thanks again for introducing us to Florence