Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking back at 2012 - Part 1. Cycling in Hoi An

I am collecting my memories from last year to share; one every few days until I run out of them. There are many of them; vignettes that gave me cause to smile, gave me a story to tell and a reason to be grateful.

Cycling in Hoi An
When we were in Hoi Ann, the most memorable event was the bicycle tour to Kim Bong Village.

I treasure it for its simplicity and ease for a disproportionately enjoyable experience. The group of us could have been friends on a day's excursion; our local guides; Thuy and Tuan, 2 ladies from Penang, a Frenchwoman, an Indian man and us .
Money did not change hands as the tour was free - operated by English language teachers from the Danang City University. (visit -
It was educational as Sean and Sara learnt to cycle albeit a little late in their young adult lives. Our tour was environmentally friendly and fairly quiet, save for Sara ringing her bell at everything that is in her way (including a parked bus!).
There was no fixed time table - in the morning, we herded our bicycles onto a river ferry at Hoi An pier to get to Kim Bong Village, there we cycled on lanes in between small houses and paddy fields. We were serenaded as we cycled; classical music played through a public address system strung along the fields and lanes - no doubt a remnant of a long ago propaganda programme. It was a bit surreal yet strangely moving. On a impulse, our guides took us to the seaside, we stopped for coffee and ate lunch along the way.

That day, it felt as though Time waited for us. And it was a wonderful feeling.

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