Thursday, September 20, 2012

Getting around in Helsinki

Helsinki has a lovely Central Park.
At first glance, it is not obvious especially at street level. But after only a day and a half of tooting about on foot and the public transport system to realize that the city centre is the tip of a nature reserve  stretches northwards as a green spine for various types of public facilities; playgrounds, riding courses, sport halls, swimming pools, ski slopes and even pet cemeteries. 
It is not possible to explore all these facilities within the two days of our "stay-over" - but the southern most tip of Helsinki's Central Park where the Olympic Stadium is accessible by tram (stop  at Oopera). From there, one travels southwards on foot to reach Finlandia Park to visit Aalto's Finlandia Hall, Holl's KIASMA and the city centre.

take the Finnair bus from the Airport - 4 Euros gets you an orienteering course as well.

everyone second person is on a bicycle - this guy helped with direction while waiting for the lights to change

..and there are clear demarcations for pedestrians and bicycles,

...which everyone abides by.

this is not Minnie Driver...

it is legal to skate on the bike lane,

and on the nearby Suomenlinna Island, there are no cars.

so the 500 or so inhabitants, bike or walk

or Nordic Walk...

but this Finnish mode of locomotion takes the cake; it's a 'strolly' used by Finnair staff to get around in the Airport
A Strolly

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