Thursday, August 16, 2012

Scribbling on the wall

After completing the building - we realised that the mural that was promised would not be be forth coming, and that we are left to our own resources to provide 'art-work' for the space on the wall. Without much money left in the project budget, purchasing a piece of art was out of the question, as would leaving the space empty. It was then we came across the scrap metal in the client's yard; remnants of a recent plant machinery overhaul. The tangled mess of stainless steel tubing used to be part of a high pressure network supplying gases to one of the production processes no doubt. Now, it was to be sold by weight to the scrap dealer. 

one man's trash is another man's treasure

raw materials for 3-D graffiti

setting the stage for an intervention with Ah Hin and his argon-welder

making it up as we go...

three afternoons later...

the poem is "whose earth is this?

with all the components in place, it does not look half bad. :-)
I am often asked about the meaning of this piece - is it the crescent moon?, are they hands clasped in prayer or the map of Borneo; I simply smile and answer, 'yes'.


  1. Thanks, it is nicer from a distance; up close it is a mess of tangled tubing. The big picture takes precedence over the minor details?

  2. but your idea of using something trashed and transform it into something cool is already a thumbs up action. i personally think maybe some spotlights to make the tubes to show off their metalic shinning feeling will be quite cool too.

  3. thanks for the suggestion; where are you studying architecture?

  4. im doing my final year in taylors, Subang.