Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Breakfast with Sara

I drew this while waiting for Sara to finish eating her "Kuih-Tiaw-Thng" - we are seated along Lorong Ceylon (off Argyll Road) - at the same level with passing cars. I had eaten breakfast an hour earlier, but came along because someone had to pay for breakfast. 

I also saw it as an opportunity to sketch more of Penang's street-scape; and to spend more time with Sara. Not that we engage in meaningful in depth conversation between her spoonfuls of pork broth. Teenagers are oblivious to the other people in the world; conversations can appear frighteningly self-centred "Dad. I am hungry  - can we go eat?" or a more recent one "Go home, shower, smell nice, eat, go to sleep"

Even if we are in our own worlds; me concentrating on capturing a view on paper, she in slurping noodles with one eye on Meg Cabot's latest novel, I like spending time with my children; to borrow a line from an old song;  I like the near-ness of them - it strengthens me and gives purpose to what I do.

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