Wednesday, August 10, 2011

PAM Awards

Traders Hotel lobby on Level 5
For this year's PAM Awards outing, Arlene, Leong and I decided to lash out and stay at the Traders Hotel - we planned to have a extra bed in the room for me. All was well until Leong and I tried to check in at 2 p.m.- we were told by the nice and apologetic Mr Lucas Chin at front desk that our room was not ready. I frowned and looked at my watch; prompting an exchange between the two of us.
L: ah, erm..may I offer you lunch?
me: (looking uninterested) We've had lunch (quelling a little burp of sushi)
L: ooh..haha..ah how about a drink?
me: We are a little pushed for time; we are attending an event next door..
L: Oh, I see. The Industrial Robotics Convention?
me: No. (trying to look mildly offended) - the Architect's Design Awards.
L: Oh. Did you win something?
me: I believe we did, yes..
L: Mr. Wee. Let me check again..back in a moment (he dashes off and returns in two minutes). Ah...Mr.Wee, I am very sorry but I can only offer you a room on the executive floor with views of the Twin Towers, ah..would that be acceptable?
me: (Yay!..executive floor!) well, it'll have to do
L: And Mr. Wee can have cocktails at the executive on the 38th floor at 5 p.m. - they are complimentary.
me: (wooohooo!) ..yes, yes, we'll see if we have the time.
L: more thing; the room has two single beds, not a double...
me: Hmm. that's ok (turning to Leong who's sitting down amongst the cushions and gesturing with my hands that the beds are apart and not together; he nods. And as I turn back to young Lucas, I catch the eye of the Indian receptionist standing nearby; she cocks her head and smile sympathetically at me)
PAM Awards Ceremony 2011
Such a nice view that I slept on the couch by the window

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