Thursday, May 19, 2011

Work takes over

This long stretch between entries can be explained as follows - there was an interruption in the blogspot service and also extra work load in the office due to a number of people on leave. This coupled with the datline for the PAM AWARDS submission meant limited time to post new entries. 
This is one of the projects occupying my time; this sketch was drawn from the window of our site office - the different shaded 'panels' are actually cement render divided by groovelines and painted in different shades of grey.
The 4-storey block in the background is completely new; the two double storey buildings in the foreground were part of the original office that are conserved and re-furbished to form part of the new. This is part of our on-going interest in finding new usage for exisitng structures in our projects; to find new exciting usage woven from the old and new.
Partial Front Elevation

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