Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Time travels

I feel that people who complain excessively about delays at the airport are unable to enjoy their own company. A good book or a sketch pad usually takes care of the situation for me. We are all prisoners and rich sketching fodder for me. 
this guy is probably texting his wife to inform her about the flight delay
People tend to fall asleep once the plane takes off so it is easier to observe them without distraction. The one hour or so of flying can be spent catching up with my reading or sketching my travel companions while they sleep.
Shanghai Airport
Lost in my 'space' capsule that spans from left arm rest to right - time travels quickly and a few sketches later - we have landed. If I am fortunate enough to not fly budget, the only interuption is a coffee and sandwiches. Life is good...
Sara with panda hat
Sometimes, I have travel companions of my own choosing such as Sara here in a panda hat from Shanghai. When she saw that I had over-accentuated her luscious lips in this sketch; she gave me a look and twitched her nose. Her unspoken sign of disapproval. I have not done her justice.
The real Sara

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